Franklin, United States

Job Duties to include but no limited to:

1.      Conducting cell checks of all inmate housing areas.

2.      Assist with pat down and unclothed searches of inmates.

3.      Escort inmates to and from their housing areas including going to court, medical, G.E.D., Church, Recreation, etc.

4.      Assist with answering requests.

5.      Conduct cell searches of inmate housing areas.

6.      Book and release inmates, fingerprint new county inmates, inventory inmate personal property, write bonds, collect money for bonds and accrued fees.

7.      Distribute commissary items to all inmates in their housing areas.

8.      Work in the control room observing cameras located inside and outside of the inmate housing areas including the outside perimeter of the facility.  Also assist with answering incoming calls to the facility.

9.      Assist with responding to emergency situations in the inmate housing areas.  Also assist with removing unruly inmates from their housing areas to isolation cell locations.

10.  Transport to and from other facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

11.  Distribute and retrieve cleaning and hygiene supplies to all inmates in the housing areas.

12.  Serve meals three times a day to inmates in their housing areas.

13.  Collect laundry on a daily basis.

14.  Supervise inmate workers on their work details inside the facility along with assigning jobs to classified inmates.

15.  Assists with maintenance issues that come about on a daily basis.

16.  Any other duties assigned by the Jailer.